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Legal Nurse Consultant Helping Attorneys Bridge Gap between Medical & Legal Fields

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Amicus Legal Nurse Consultant

Bridging the Gap between Law and Medicine with Unmatched Expertise

Amicus Legal Nurse Consulting (LNC) is not just a consultancy; it’s your robust support system that simplifies the complexities of medical-related legal cases. With over 15 years of critical care nursing experience combined with specialized legal training, we offer a holistic solution to your legal struggles.

Our services range from medical record review & analysis, expert witness identification, testimony preparation, to litigation support, case merit evaluation, damage assessment, and educational seminars. As a result, they are designed to save you time, enhance your case’s credibility, and streamline your legal processes.

We cater to focused, driven attorneys like Laura Adams, who value expertise and efficiency. We know you need to understand the complexity of medical terminology and interpret medical records precisely and promptly. Therefore, we focus only on relevant medical issues, ensuring cost-efficiency and effective resource management. 

Our unique combination of legal knowledge and critical care nursing experience sets us apart. We don’t just present you with facts; we translate them, making it easier to comprehend so you can focus on what you do best: fighting for your clients. 

Don’t just take our word for it; our testimonials speak to the credibility and efficiency we bring to every case. 

Let Amicus LNC be your edge in winning complex medical-related cases. We are not just consultants; we are your partners in achieving. 

What we do

Legal Nurse Consultant Services

Case Merit Evaluation

We assist attorneys in determining the potential merit of a medical-related claim.

Medical Chronologies

Our Nurse Consultants evaluate, interpret, and summarize complex medical records for legal implications.

Fact Summary Reports

Our Nurse Consultants conduct detailed research on medical topics, standards of care, and other relevant areas to inform legal strategies.

Litigation Support

Our experts offer insights on medically related topics, terminology, and trends in order to guide legal teams and counsel on all aspects of medical practice. 

Independent Medical Examinations

Our registered nurse team attends Independent Medical Exams (IMEs) and Defense Medical Exams (DMEs) to accurately assess your client's claims and injuries, thereby confirming the validity of the case.

Testimony Preparation

At Amicus Legal Nurse Consulting, we help identify and prepare expert medical witnesses for trial, ensuring clarity, accuracy, and comprehension of their testimony.

Who We Serve

By utilizing the services of a Legal Nurse Consultant, legal professionals can bolster their cases with unparalleled medical expertise, ensuring a comprehensive and well-informed approach to medically related legal matters.

Who Do We Work With?
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